sanity -2 (insane)

+1 Agile Elven Curve Blade 2h
+1 Shadow Studded Leather
+2 Dagger
+1 light crossbow

Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Cloak of Elvenkind
Large Scorpid Venom x4
Ring or Protection +2 (eq)
Ring of force shield +2ac
Thieves Tools, mw
Wand of cure light 9 charges
Ring of swimming (eq)
Belt of dex +2

Silver sheen x1
+3 Save vs poison
Darkvision 60'
Death Attack (DC 18)
Favored enemy Human (+2)
Fiendish Resistance (DR5 fire, cold, elec)
Hidden Weapons
Poison Use
Quiet death
Skilled (+2 bluff, stealth)
Sneak Attack +5d6
Track +1
Trap Sense +1
Trapfinding +1
True Death
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Wild Empathy +1

Traits - Armor Expert, Suspicious

Languages - Common, Abyssal, Dragonic, Infernal, Orc

Member of the Red Mantis
CP: 0 SP: 0
GP: 1328 PP: 0

Roll of 0, for a total of 0